Your ITAD in safe hands
All re-use- and recycle- expertise under one roof

What can you expect from WhyWaste ?

1. Data protection 100% organised

You would hate to think that your data might end up in the public domain, as would we. For this reason, every reusable component or system is provided with a unique barcode. During the process, all kinds of information such as serial numbers, type, test result, wipe method and more are added. All data carriers take on a special role in this process, which involves their own type of barcode and secure areas where the data are destroyed. At your request, a data carrier can also be physically destroyed; this can be done by demagnetising it using a degausser or by reduction by a shredder, methods we often combine in practice.

2. Comprehensive reporting

Would you like us to destroy your data carrier? We don't do this without a comprehensive report. Afterwards you will receive a declaration of destruction with a list of all the serial numbers of the relevant data carriers. This list also states the method used to destroy the data. Much more is recorded in addition to these data, allowing us to report on the percentage of re-use versus recycling of your delivery. Weights of individual items are recorded if necessary, and test results per product (serial no.) can be retrieved. We even keep track of where your reusable product finally ends up when it is sold.

3. Reliable, certified and in accordance with directives

WhyWaste operates in accordance with the applicable WEEE directive. WEEE stands for 'Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment' and is the common name for the European directive that regulates the collection and recycling of this waste stream. HKS Metals B.V. holds the mandatory WEEELABEX certificates at various locations, holds a CSR performance ladder 4 certificate and just like 7Digits B.V. it operates in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO14001. WhyWaste is committed to its work, which is evidenced by these certificates, among other things. 

4. Excellent prices, donation possible

WhyWaste offers you the best of both worlds: 7Digits B.V., an expert in the field of re-marketing, and HKS metals B.V., which has been one of the most trusted names in the field of recycling for many decades. All ICT material you want to phase out, replace or dispose of is of value to us. This enables us to offer a very good price for all materials originating from your ITAD process. Of course, donating all or part of the proceeds to one or more charities is an option.

5. You are completely unburdened

The intention is that WhyWaste will unburden you completely. From purely logistical, administrative processing to a complete de-installation, data centre and/or workplace migration. WhyWaste is familiar with "all branches of sport" and all activities can be discussed.

Please contact us if you need more information or if you are keen to get started.