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Who or what is WhyWaste ?

WhyWaste is a partnership between 2 reputable companies in the field of processing discarded and/or surplus ICT hardware. We believe that close cooperation is better than learning separately, or integrating a new line of business. For many years, HKS metals B.V., as part of Remondis, has been acquiring all relevant expertise in the field of efficient recycling. 7Digits B.V., on the other hand, has been working on refurbishment and re-marketing of ICT hardware for many years. We take this opportunity to introduce both companies to you.

HKS Metals B.V. 

Part of Remondis, one of the world's largest recyclers with more than 30,000 employees spread across 800 sites on 4 continents, HKS was initially part of Hoogovens and thus has been active in metal and electronic recycling for more than 100 years. HKS has 7 sites in the Netherlands where highly advanced separation and processing lines process tonnes of material on a daily basis.

7Digits B.V.

An enthusiastic group of 22 motivated employees working every day to assess ICT hardware on reuse. Materials that are ready for a 2nd or perhaps even a 3rd or 4th life are refurbished according to the latest certified techniques. This always starts with the destruction of data followed by thorough testing, completion and cleaning. 7Digits keeps track of everything and is able to report on your data needs. 

The motto is: WhyWaste? Which is why we first look at useful reuse and then at efficient recycling. Do you have any questions or are you interested in what we have to offer? Please fill out the form on the contact page as completely as possible and one of our employees will call you as soon as possible.